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The Reviews Are In

Praise from Writers:

"The UnPopulist is a must-read." — Jonathan V. Last, editor of The Bulwark

"The kind of informative, expert, non-gaseous articles that I will cross the street to read!" — Jonathan Rauch, senior fellow at Brookings Institution and contributing editor at The Atlantic

"The UnPopulist is a great counterpoint to the broad, and mostly bad, ideological trends of our time." — Matthew Yglesias, author of the Slow Boring newsletter and columnist at Bloomberg Opinion

"If you’re not reading The UnPopulist yet, I just can’t recommend it highly enough. For anyone who cares about promoting a human classical liberalism in opposition to both the authoritarian left and right, these are your people." — Matt Zwolinski, professor of political philosophy and author

"The UnPopulist is a great resource for those folks who want to understand more about our populist/reactionary moment, both at home and abroad." — David French, columnist at The New York Times

"The UnPopulist is one of our go-to reads. Smart, thought-provoking, and when it comes to defending the principles of liberal democracy, on the right side of history.” — Nicholas Grossman, editor of Arc Digital and professor of international relations

"The UnPopulist is really a publication fitted to the moment. Many outlets are struggling right now to adapt their coverage and commentary to meet the bewildering circumstances of the 2020s. But The UnPopulist is, from conception, aimed at just that. In my opinion, that makes it essential." — Alan Elrod, president of the Pulaski Institution

"Principled classical liberals are sharply critical of basically illiberal people who claim the libertarian label. The Unpopulist is an important source for this critique. I think their cause is an important component of the broad front against authoritarianism." — Peter Levine, author and professor of civics

"The UnPopulist is doing important work combatting the global rise of authoritarianism." — Radley Balko, investigative journalist and author of The Watch newsletter

"The UnPopulist the best publication out there for staying on top of and critiquing what the populist right is up to." — Aaron Ross Powell, host of the ReImagining Liberty podcast

Praise from Readers:

"The UnPopulist puts out some of the highest quality political, policy, and cultural analyses and thought pieces. I'm rarely disappointed." — B. Fairbanks

"I highly recommend subscribing to The UnPopulist." — Misty Callahan

"If you're interested in excellent journalism and great podcasts on democratic issues, then help The UnPopulist grow. Your insight will grow in return." — Sabine Savvidis


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